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Food Shop Plovdiv: A Guide To The Best Grocery Stores In Plovdiv

Best Supermarkets in Plovdiv

Locals in Plovdiv have never had a problem finding fresh, clean and reliable food sources. But we noticed that newcomers, expats, and digital nomads of Plovdiv were constantly raising this question on other platforms. Where is the best place to shop for groceries in Plovdiv? Throughout this article, you'll find information about reliable supermarkets and open-air fruit and veg markets. In this guide we will provide you with tips and tricks that are sure to be useful to those who recently arrived from abroad and are starting a life in Plovdiv for the first time.


The city of Plovdiv has four main supermarkets. They are Kaufland, Lidl, T-Market and Billa. At least one or two of them should have a branch in the area where you live. However, knowing the locations of all of them provides some benefits as they are in fierce competition, which results in some crazy discounts being offered constantly. Another advantage is that, as they are big, everything you need can be found in one place, which eliminates the need to go back and forth between different stores. 


Plovdiv is home to five megastores operated by this company. As compared to the other 3 main supermarkets in Plovdiv, this German chain has the largest stores. Considering all the supermarkets are massive, you are able to purchase all kinds of groceries in one place, including fruit, vegetables, bakery items, meat and fish, as well as dry goods and drinks. Each Kaufland branch also has a section where you can buy small home appliances, electronics, kitchen items, and various small electronic devices. The store has a similar look to what you see in other stores in Europe, making it easy for you to navigate and find what you're looking for. The best part of this store is that they offer massive discounts (up to 70%) every week on a certain number of items. For announcing discounts in advance, they print brochures and hand them out to nearly every apartment in Plovdiv. It's always good to keep an eye on these and grab one at your building's entrance or in the store. Also, be sure to try their freshly cooked bulgarian dishes. Not only are they delicious, but they are also fairly priced. Sometimes you need them after a tiring and long day when you don't feel like cooking. 

Kaufland stores in Plovdiv (Opens in Google Maps)

Promotional brochures available online (We recommend you open the website with Chrome browser, which has an automatic translation feature, since the website is in Bulgarian)


It is an Austrian supermarket chain similar to Kaufland. Plovdiv has 8 branches, but not all of them are as large as Kaufland. Billa stores may be small, middle-sized or big depending on your location. They offer a Billa Card that gives you points and a variety of discounts whenever you reach a certain treshold. They also serve daily takeout bulgarian dishes, grills, and casharoles, which are prepared nicely. 

Billa stores in Plovdiv (Opens in Google Maps)


This is the most recognizable store for the expat community since they have branches located in every country of Europe. We're glad that Lidl has made its way to Bulgaria about 10 years ago. Their bakery, cheese, and frozen sections are to die for. In case you find Lidl prices cheap at your home country, bulgarian Lidl prices will blow your mind. In addition, they often offer mindblowing discounts worthy of tracking. They also distribute their discount brochures across Plovdiv from time to time. They currently have seven stores within Plovdiv. 

Lidl stores in Plovdiv (Opens in Google Maps)

Lidl discount brochure - online (The link will auto-translate to English in Chrome browser)


In our list, this is the final supermarket. T-Market has 15 stores throughout Plovdiv. In comparison with the other stores on our list, T-Market has more bulgarian twist. The stores are not massive. There are some mid-sized stores as well as smaller ones. The store doesn't look as tidy as the other big supermarkets, but it attracts a huge crowd for one reason: crazy discounts! In order to stay competitive with Kaufland, Lidl, and Billa, they occasionally offer unbelievable discounts. In addition, the company offers loyalty cards that give regular customers additional benefits. 

T-Market branches in Plovdiv (Opens in Google Maps)

Online T-market brochure for discounts  (The link will auto-translate to English in Chrome browser) 


There is no doubt that every supermarket in Plovdiv has fruits and vegetables. However, as they deal with the biggest suppliers, each item is usually only available in one type. In addition, the quality of them is questionable. Most of them come from countries that have fast-production systems in place. But, you don't have to worry. You have other options. Fresh and local produce can be found at various open-air markets in Plovdiv. Buying your fresh groceries from these sites would be a wise choice as there are many options, even for one item. It is known that farmers bring such products from their villages to sell and make a living. You will also contribute to the local economy. It will give you the opportunity to consume seasonal, fresh and clean products. Make sure you bring some cash as many of the traders do not have credit card machines. 

Thursday Market: 

The Thursday Market (Четвъртък пазарis one of the oldest food markets in Plovdiv. The market is open from 8am to 8pm daily during the summer season, despite its name. There is everything that the season offers including fruit, vegetables, grains, honey, flowers, nuts and herbs. Traders are friendly and helpful. While some speak English, most of them do not, and this does not pose any problems. Simply grab a bag, fill it up with the amount you want, pass the bag to the trader for weighing, then pass the money, and then wait for your change. That's all it takes. Don't assume you're the only foreigner to visit this place. If you live around the city centre, you should try to visit this place a few times a week, since it's very close to the city center. 

Rowing Base Market: 

This open air market (Пазар Гребна Базаgets its name from a rowing canal nearby where the 2018 World Rowing Championships and 2021 World Rowing Junior Championships took place. Due to its location away from the city center, this market primarily serves the residents of Smirnesky, Marasha, and Youth Hill in the west of the city. In the form of an open air market, it is set up in an area that resembles a giant car park. A free drinking water tap is located inside, which is very useful during hot summer days. The area also has a large flower stands that gives the area a scent of spring. In the summer months, there are food stalls that serve barbecued meat in addition to fish for the traders and visitors. It's open 7 days a week from the early morning to the late evening. 

Mladezhka Street Market: 

This is the most secret one and it is mostly known to the neighboring small communities. This open air market located between Thursday market and Rowing Base Market on Mladezhka Street. The difference between this market and the others is being able to find more organic products, which are brought by small traders from nearby villages. There are market stalls that can be rented, and you will notice that every time you visit the market, you have a good chance to see different products from different traders as compared to your last visit. The one-street-long open air market offers fresh fruits, seasonal vegetables, grains, honey and flowers as well as cured meat. It makes sense to visit this cute market once in a while if you do not live nearby. The place is open seven days a week. 



You won't always put food at the top of your priority list when you move to Plovdiv. Despite most apartments being fully furnished, you might still need some home tools or may have to replace them at some point. Do not worry, plovdiv has a good selection of home appliance stores for all your needs. Below are two of the most popular ones:


The Home-Max offers every kind of home improvement and DIY goods you can imagine for your new apartment. Kitchen, bathroom, gardening tools, and any size home appliance can be found here. The Home Max website allows you to order online and collect in-store. You can get a sense of what they sell by visiting the Home Max website.

Praktiker is a German company which specializes in DIY home improvement tools. A variety of furniture, garden tools, kitchen accessories, and more can be found at this store. You can also buy Praktiker products online and have them delivered to your home. To see their product range, visit their website.



This retailer chain and company that specializes in consumer electronics in Bulgaria is your one-stop-shop for all of your tech needs. The latest computers, printers, sound systems, kitchen electronics, televisions, phones, and everything in between can be found in this megastore. The Techmarket chain is known for its massive outlets and large selection of consumer electronics from every major brand.


This e-commerce & retailer chain is another successful consumer electronics company that operates in Plovdiv. Technomarket is its biggest competitor, and it tries to keep up with the company in terms of product variety and pricing. It is also a one-stop-shop for every single electronic item you may need as well as ability to shop from their online store.

That's it! Hopefully you will find this article useful as a newcomer in Plovdiv. Please comment below if we missed anything or if you need more information. 

Have a great time in Plovdiv!

We do not have a business relationship with the companies above nor do we receive payment from them for publishing this article. All links we provide to these companies' websites are not affiliate links

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