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How to Find Your First Affordable Apartment For Rent in Plovdiv

How to find an apartment for rent in Plovdiv?

Have you made your mind up to move to Plovdiv? Congratulations! Here's some advice on where to start looking apartments to rent in Plovdiv, what to expect, what it will cost and all the other steps you need to take. We have written this post based on our experiences as expats living in Plovdiv. 

We assume that you have fallen upon this page because you are considering moving to Plovdiv or are in the process of researching it. Consider checking out these micro articles as they may be helpful in your decision-making:

The apartment prices in Plovdiv will surprise anyone living or having lived in Europe or the United States. Additionally, you will find that every apartment comes fully furnished and ready to move into. Adding to that, all the legal requirements for renting an apartment will flow seamlessly without hustling with tons of paperworks, and in no time you will be able to move into a nice place to live. 

What is the cost of renting an apartment in Plovdiv?

Comparatively speaking, apartment rent in Plovdiv is very cheap. 300-350 Euros per month (350-400 USD / 250-300 GBP) is an easy price range for a one-bedroom or studio apartment. Each additional room will roughly add an additional 50 Euros. Those are prices for central locations or places close to the city center. If you would like to enjoy everything Plovdiv has to offer, we recommend choosing an apartment in the city center or very close by. 

Plovdiv, home to a growing economy, a booming tech industry, and a low cost of living, is not only a cheap European city to live in, but also surrounded by breathtaking natural scenery. This Balkan city is, surprisingly, among the most underrated tourist and living destinations in Europe. Throughout the European Union, Plovdiv has the lowest rent, food prices, and utility bills. Plovdiv has an easy and cheap transport system that is handy for getting around the city too.

Example Apartment: (380 Euros per month)

Estimated price for a similar flat in London: 1600 GBP excluding bills.
                                      Amsterdam: 1400 Euros
                                         New York: 1900 USD

These are the neighborhood areas we suggest you choose when looking for an apartment to rent in Plovdiv:

These neighborhoods surround the Plovdiv center and have plenty of bars, cafes, restaurants, entertainment centers, supermarkets, art galleries, as well as convenient connections to public transportation. Plovdiv can be explored primarily in these areas. 

What are the requirements for renting an apartment in Plovdiv?

if you like the property and decide to rent it the estate agent will put together and present to you a rental agreement with the landlord to be signed by both parties. As a standard practice in Plovdiv, tenants pay one month's rent upfront and provide a guarantee deposit to the landlord equal to one month's rent as well as an agency commission equal to one month's rent. In this scenario, if you choose an apartment for 300 Euros per month, you must be prepared to pay:

300 Euro - First month's rent
300 Euro - Refundable deposit to the landlord
300 Euro - One time off payment to the agency 

What is the average monthly cost of utility bills in Plovdiv?

This totally depends on the usage and size of the apartment you stay in. It is roughly estimated that you will pay around 100-140 BGN per month (50-70 Euro / 60-80 USD / 45-60 GBP) for an apartment of 75m2 for basic utilities like electricity, heating, cooling, water, internet access, and garbage. It is possible that this estimation varies between summer and winter. 

What is the best way to find a rental apartment in Plovdiv?

If you are already in Plovdiv, the best way to find an apartment to rent is to walk into a letting agency and make all your arrangements there. When you choose this option, you will have the chance to see every apartment they have in their portfolio. If you like one of the properties, you can move in the very next day if you have the money ready. This is the best thing about renting apartments in this city, and it means the same for the whole country. 

In case you haven't yet arrived in the city, you can start this process online as well. In this case, you will have to choose your apartment based on pictures on the agency's website. If you like one of the apartments they offer, contact the agency immediately and reserve it. They will ask you to sign a contract with one of the online signature tools, and you will pay the agency fee directly online through one of the methods they use in order to secure your place. After you arrive in Plovdiv, you must pay your first month's rent plus a deposit before you can move into your apartment. 

Last but not least, these are the most reputable agencies or real estate websites where you can select your apartment and rent it face-to-face or online:

There are no business relationships between us and those companies and we do not receive a fee for publishing this article. Links provided in this article are not affiliate links. From our past experience, these companies are the very few most reputable ones we tried and received service from. We always recommend those companies to our friends and family. Thus far, they have all been reliable.

Another example apartment: 1 Bedroom Flat, 310 Euros/Month

Hope you find this helpful. If we miss any point or need more help, just comment down the below. 

Enjoy the Plovdiv life!


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