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How do I get to Plovdiv Bulgaria? The Most Convenient Methods to reaching Plovdiv

Plovdiv: top three ways to get there
How to get from Sofia Airport to Plovdiv

This mini-article will show you how to get to Plovdiv in the most convenient way from abroad by bus, train, taxi, car, or shuttle services after landing in the country. From Sofia to Plovdiv directions are required more attention than reaching the city from Plovdiv Airport. 

Taxi From Plovdiv Airport to Plovdiv City Centre

If you are lucky enough to travel here from London - good news! Ryanair and Wizzair fly to Plovdiv three times a week. This is the easiest way to get into the city center, as there are numerous taxi companies available at the Plovdiv Airport for your convenience. The distance from the Plovdiv Airport to the city center is 17 km. It takes approximately 15 minutes to get to Plovdiv City Centre from the airport. The taxi fare in Plovdiv is around 0.85 BGN per mile, which means you'll spend 16-18 BGN for the whole trip. (7-8 Euro/9-10 USD /6-7 GBP) 

Picking a taxi company: which one to choose? 

Great question... There are some taxi drivers in Plovdiv and Bulgaria in general with a bad reputation for charging tourists rip-off fees as you might have read on the web while doing your research for your trip. The Plovdiv airport website shows all taxi companies that operate there, but only three of them display transparent fees for taxis and have been in the business for many years. Choosing one of them would be a wise decision at the airport. Prices are pretty similar between all of them as we mentioned above. 

Eko TaxiTaxi-1Perfect Taxi 

We do not have any business relationship with those companies nor do we receive a fee for publishing this article. The links provided here are not affiliated links.

Check all the direct flights from London to Plovdiv with RyanAir  | with WizzAir

Both of these companies have airport transfers to the city center but they only drop you off some certain points in the center, not at your hotel or specific destination, unlike taxis. We couldn't find any price information for those as they come as flight ticket add ons which requires flight bookings first.

From Sofia International Airport to Plovdiv City Centre
If you're flying into Sofia international airport, there are many ways to reach Plovdiv. Our assumption is that this is your first time in here, and you want to reach your destination without any difficulties. Therefore, this guide will present you with two of the most convenient, foreigner-friendly methods of traveling from Sofia to Plovdiv. Citizens of this country and locals have a wide selection of affordable options. But for you, we'll try to make it as convenient as possible in terms of price and transportation time. 

Airport Taxi Transfers from Sofia International Airport to Plovdiv City Centre:

Airport taxi transfers are the most convenient way to get from Sofia International Airport to Plovdiv (to your doorstep). The cost of this method will be approximately 70 Euro/60 GBP/80 USD for up to four passengers including all of your luggage. You have to book this in advance. Drivers speak English and welcome you with a sign written with your name at the airport door. It's also nice that the agreed fee is paid at the destination, giving you a bit of peace of mind. The booking process is simple. Many companies are offering the same service with the same booking steps. Basically, all you need to do is provide them with your flight information and passenger details, so that they can be prepared when you arrive at the airport. The travel time from Sofia airport to Plovdiv is about 1.5 hours. You can book your trip from Sofia airport to Plovdiv with the following few reputable companies: 

We do not have any business relationship with those companies nor do we receive a fee for publishing this article. The links provided here are not affiliate links.

Traveling From Sofia International Airport to Plovdiv City Centre by Coach:

The method consists of two steps. Compared to airport taxi transfers, this method is much cheaper if you travel alone but requires an additional hour of travel. 

The first step is to get to Sofia Central Bus Terminal via Metro. The metro station is 5 minutes walk from the arrival section of the airport. The price for a metro ticket is around 1.6 Euro/1.3 GBP/2 USD for one-way travel into the city center. The service runs every 20 minutes to the city center and it takes just under 30 minutes to get there. 

You must get off at "Tsentralna Gara" station, located 3-4 minutes (240 m) walk from the Sofia Central Bus Station. If you'd like walking directions from Google maps to the bus station, paste this address into the search box: Central Bus Station - Sofia, Boulevard "Knyaginya Maria Luiza" 100, 1202 Tsentralna, Sofia. After a short walk you will reach two terminals that are next to each other. One is for arrivals, the other is for departures. 

Second step: At the departures section, ask at the information desk for the Plovdiv coaches ticket office (they speak English) or go directly to Union Ivkoni or Karat.S ticket office. (Two Main Companies for Plovdiv) Including your luggage, the ticket will cost you approximately 7 Euro/6 GBP/9 USD per person or even less depending on the travel time. It takes about 2.5 hours to reach Plovdiv Central Bus station with this journey. Once you arrive at the station, you can walk to your final destination or take a taxi, which should cost you less than
3 Euro / 2.5 GBP / 4 USD within the city center.

We do not have any business relationship with those coach companies nor do we receive a fee for publishing this article. The links provided here are not affiliate links.


Make sure that you have some Bulgarian Leva in your pocket. Obtain it from the arrival airport if you can't get it from the country you're coming from. Though the exchange rates may not be the best, you will need it during your travel for taxis, buses, water, food, etc. 

If you're arriving by coach to Plovdiv, check the schedule on their website as they do not provide 24-hour service.

This is it. Hope you find it helpful. 

Welcome to PLOVDIV!


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