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Public Transport in Plovdiv: How to Get Around the City?


Plovdiv's public transport system is exceptionally well-organized. You can make your way around town relatively easily if you understand how it all works! There are buses in Plovdiv that run throughout the whole city and its suburbs. Taxi fares are very affordable because the total area of Plovdiv is not huge. The city is filled with electric scooters at every corner. Also, a dedicated electric car sharing company launched in Plovdiv recently. Plovdiv can be explored very easily if all of these options are combined. For commute, fun or visiting a particular place, here are some ways you can travel around Plovdiv:


After you get used to it, this is the easiest and most affordable way to get around in Plovdiv. Many small and large buses operate in Plovdiv with a reliable schedule. At almost every bus stop, a display informs you when and which buses are coming. The biggest challenge you will face as a foreigner is understanding the language on the display screen when reading the names of places. Fortunately, Google Maps can be very helpful in this case. All you have to do is use the directions to get from one place to another, then select the public transport option for the destination, and it will show you what number bus goes where from which stop. 

EasyWay is another great mobile app that simplifies your life when it comes to transportation in Plovdiv. This app works perfectly and has very accurate data. Once you pinpoint a location on the map within its mobile app, it will list all the possible public transport options you can choose from, including the fees you will be charged.
If you know which bus to take at which stop, a big or small sized bus will arrive soon. When the bus is big, all the doors will open and all you will have to do is take a seat. Soon, a conductor will approach you to collect the travel fee. A one-way ticket for the public bus costs 1 BGN (0.59 Usd / 0.51 Euro / 0.44 Gbp) in Plovdiv. Make sure you have 1 Lev or a small banknote on hand to pay the fee. Once you have paid the fee, the conductor will issue you a ticket. If you are getting a smaller sized bus, the driver will open the front door, and in this case you will have to pay the fee to the driver and get your ticket as you enter the bus. If this is the case, ensure that you have exactly one Lev for the journey as dealing with changes for the driver will result in everyone waiting outside. 


Taxis are a popular way to get around the city despite the low income levels in this country. There are two main reasons for that. To begin with, Plovdiv has a relatively small area to move from one place to another. Since taxi fares are calculated per kilometer, even the farthest point of the town shouldn't exceed 7-8 kilometers. That helps keep fares at a reasonable level. Another reason why taxi usage is so common is the fees in general. The majority of taxi rides in Plovdiv cost 0.80 Bulgarian Lev per kilometer. You will spend less than 10 BGN for a 10 kilometer ride on average. Many taxi drivers speak some English in the city. If this is not the case, have the address you're going to written on a piece of paper or on your phone. 


Presently, there are two companies in Plovdiv offering electric scooters via an app. They are Lime and Hobo. This is a very convenient way for short-distance travels, as well as for sightseeing in Plovdiv. To unlock the scooter, simply download the app, enter your card details, and scan the QR code on the scooter. Their riding zones cover much of the city. Make sure you park them inside their designated riding/parking zones upon completion of your trip. Your Lime scooter app should work just fine here if you have already used it abroad. The Lime riding fees, however, are quite expensive compared to the Hobo and even to taxi fares in Plovdiv. You will also notice that their scooters are not well maintained. Hobo, however, has a reasonable pricing policy (0.20 Lev/Min). A lot of free rides and rewards are offered to its users, as it is a new player on the Plovdiv market. Their scooters also seem to be well maintained. 


This is one of the newest ways to travel in Plovdiv. Spark, the electric car sharing app, has recently expanded to Plovdiv after a successful launch in Sofia. You can see Spark electric cars on almost every corner in Plovdiv. You only need a valid driving license and mobile app to get started. With their mobile app, finding the cars is easy and their rates are quite cheap. There is an average rate of 0.33 Lev per minute, but when you book for an entire day, it is even cheaper. It is clean and convenient. When approaching the car, the doors can be opened with a mobile app and locked at the same time once you park it after finishing your trip. It offers a wide variety of electric cars with different ranges. It's ideal for big shopping days and weekend getaways. There are also electric vans for moving items around Plovdiv. Insurance and charging up costs are totally covered by the company. 

The options above are all you have right now to get around Plovdiv. Consider combining them and getting familiar with how they all work to make your life easier in Plovdiv. As well as these travel options, check the article on ''cycling in Plovdiv''. If you see something valuable in this article, please share it with your fellow expats that live in Plovdiv or plan to move here. Thank you for reading.

Have an awesome time in Plovdiv.


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