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Alternative Ways to Travel in Plovdiv: E-Scooter Review - Lime vs Hobo

Nowadays, electric scooters are spotted almost every corner in Plovdiv. In addition to being fun to ride, E-scooters are eco-friendly and alternative modes of transportation. Due to the city's modern bike network, riding an electric scooter around is easy and convenient. Currently, there are two companies offering electric scooter rental services in Plovdiv: Hobo and Lime. Which one should you choose if you have never tried electric scooters but wish to? Is one better than the other? The purpose of this article is to provide you with all the information you need about these companies before you rent one of these e-scooters.

Having more than one company in Plovdiv is an advantage for consumers. The competition keeps the price down and the scooters in better condition. Hobo is a Bulgarian start-up which operates only in Sofia and Plovdiv. Lime, on the other hand, is a U.S. company that offers services almost worldwide. 

How do I rent an e-scooter in Plovdiv?

In order to rent an e-scooter, both Lime and Hobo use the same process. You simply need the mobile app, which is available for iOS and Android devices. On the app, you can see where the available scooters are located. Using the app, scan the QR code on the handlebars of the desired scooter. When this is done, the scooter will be unlocked and connected to your profile. 

Which company should I choose to rent an e-scooter?

It's a difficult question. The answer to the question will depend on a number of factors such as the number and availability of e-scooters, riding zone coverage area, pricing, and scooter quality.

Coverage area for riding zones:

Lime vs Hobo

In their app, they appear almost identical when it comes to e-scooter riding zones. When you zoom in the maps, however, you can clearly see that some of the areas where you can ride Hobo don't exit onto Lime and that some Lime zones are not available on the Hobo app as well. Considering where you live is essential to deciding which e-scooter is right for you. 

Availability/Amount of E-Scooters:

Lime E-Scooter Availability

Hobo E-Scooter Availability

Lime beats Hobo with a difference when it comes to availability/amount of e-scooters. Hobo, a new player in the market, places most of its e-scooters in the central district, creating the impression that they are tourist attractions. Lime, however, seems to be more accessible for locals since it covers Karshiyaka, Trakia, and Smirnesky areas more effectively. On the basis of the map appearance and our riding experiences, it is almost impossible to find Hobo electric scooters in Trakia neighborhood. 

The Quality of E-scooters:

Lime scooters have a range of 40 km with a fully charged battery, while Hobo E-scooters have a range of 50 km. In terms of speed, Hobo has a top speed of 25km/hr which will get you to your destination faster than Lime e-scooters with a top speed of 20km/hr. Hobo scooters also have a higher level of stability and comfort as their tyres, body, and stepping board are thicker than those on Lime scooters. Even tiny objects and bumps on the road are felt strongly when driving Lime. Hobo e-scooters have a clear advantage over Lime in this comparison. 

Cost of Ride:

The pricing point is another area where Hobo beats Lime. Hobo charges 1 BGN for unlocking the scooter and 0.20 BGN for every minute. Lime prices are 1.20 BGN to unlock plus 0.25 BGN per minute. Despite the tiny price difference, if you regularly use these scooters either for commute or leisure, Hobo saves you a good deal of money in the long run. Hobo also offers a monthly pass option, which is unique in the e-scooter rental industry. With 60 BGN you can enjoy unlimited rides for the entire month, a great deal for the regular users. 

Here are some things we dislike about them:

Hobo: If there is no scooter available nearby, you follow the map to locate one. Upon reaching your destination, you realize that the scooter is actually not there physically. This is a waste of time since sometimes you have to walk a long distance to get one. Some scooters are parked inside private gardens or even in buildings behind a locked door. The Hobo company should investigate this immediately, but this has been the case since they began operating in Plovdiv. 

Lime: Their scooters need to be maintained. Everyday we see them getting ruined and the result is an uncomfortable riding experience. Occasionally, you experience anxiety over scooters breaking down while you're riding and being charged for damages. Lime scooters have an old and weak appearence, and you don't feel totally safe when riding most of their scooters. 


Considering that Plovdiv has a population of 350k, we think an alternative and environmentally friendly transportation system is essential. Certainly, both companies serving Plovdiv have their positives and negatives. Overall though, Hobo came out on top based on both price point and safety/comfort factors. But more importantly, what do you think? What's your experience like with these e-scooters if you ride them sometimes? Please share your thoughts in the comments for others. 

That is all to be said about e-scooters in Plovdiv. Regardless of whether you ride Lime or Hobo, remember to ride with common sense and consider the other road users. Ride them on bike paths whenever possible or on the right side of the road, as near to the sidewalk as possible. Do not ride them after a boozy night under the influence of alcohol or drugs. 

Thank you for reading,

Have fun and ride safely!

May 2022 Update:

Hobo Scooters have disappeared overnight around January. We thought that they might place them on the streets soon. It never happened. Around March 2022 we have e-mailed them and ask what happened to the scooters. They replied back few days later and saying they wold be back on the street in Spring. It's almost June but there are no any Hobo Scooters on the streets. At the moment the only scooter company operating in Plovdiv is Lime Scooters. 

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