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Opening A Bulgarian Bank Account in Plovdiv


Do you wonder if can non residents open a bank account in Bulgaria? The following section addresses the most frequently asked questions such as: What are the requirements to open a Bulgarian bank account in Plovdiv? Is it possible to open a bank account in Plovdiv as a non-resident? Which bank in Plovdiv should I choose? Here's everything you need to know about opening your own Bulgarian bank account when you move to Plovdiv and decide to stay here for a long time. 

What documents will I need to open a Bulgarian bank account?

Compared to the late 90's and early 2000's, opening a bank account in Bulgaria nowadays is easy. In fact, it will be much easier if you have a translator with you. Language will be your biggest challenge in some cases. Documents aren't available in English as a standard, and having someone assist you in understanding them is reassuring. By choosing the banks in the city center where most expats live and most bank staff speak English, you can skip this requirement. 

You will need the following documents to open a bank account in Bulgaria: 

  • A valid passport or national identification card
  • An address for correspondence purposes 
  • A minimal deposit amount is required to open the account (relatively low fee around a couple of Euros)

    The Bulgarian banking system relies heavily on paperwork. Forms and documents will require multiple signatures, so be prepared to spend some time filling them out. Most bank cards can be obtained in five business days, delivered to your home or picked up from the bank in person. 

    Can I open a bank account as a non-resident?

    A passport and an address document that can be used to register the account are all you need to open a bank account. Non-residents can open bank accounts without any problems because most banks offer them under a variety of names, including "international bank account, foreigner account, EU account, or non-resident account".  

    What bank should I choose?

    As Bulgaria's second-largest city, Plovdiv has a good banking network, with ATMs and branches all over the city. An important factor in choosing a bank is the ease of access to branches and ATMs. The majority of day-to-day banking is done online, but ATMs used outside of the bank's network can come with charges. Your bank ATM can be used to pay bills too, so keep an eye out for nearby banks with ATMs. 

    The banks in Plovdiv do not require appointments in advance for account opening. There is usually a queueing system for most branches, so you can just arrive and wait your turn. If you do not speak Bulgarian, it is best to choose a large branch in the center of the city where you may encounter English-speaking staff. 

    These are the major banks in Plovdiv that have a nationwide presence:

    UniCredit Bulbank is one of Bulgaria's largest banks, with a vast branch and ATM network. The bank offers a full range of financial products, and its online banking application (available in English) is outstanding. In central Plovdiv, most of the staff at their branches speaks English. The bank has 9 branches and 19 ATMs in Plovdiv.  They have an English website where you can see all their products and requirements for opening an account.


    DSK bank is one of the most recognizable banks in Bulgaria, which was owned by the state before the 2000's. A range of accounts, debit and credit cards as well as saving products are available through DSK Bank. The firm also serves corporate and investment customers, and offers mobile and internet banking as standard. Check out their ATM network and branches in Plovdiv. The company also has an English website where you can view their products and services, as well as their account opening requirements. 

    Postbank has a presence in all of Bulgaria's towns and cities, with a large network of ATMs and branch locations. The bank offers a range of products, including current accounts that can be opened by presenting an ID and filling out the required form. Branches and ATMs of Postbank in Plovdiv can be found here. Postbank also have an English website


    Founded on 8 October 1993, First Investment Bank or Fibank is one of the largest banks in Bulgaria with a high level of customer satisfaction. The bank has a large network of ATMs across the city and throughout all of Bulgaria, unlike their small branch count in Plovdiv. Locations of Fibank branches and ATMs in Plovdiv. Check their services and products on Bank's English website

    Bulgaria's United Bulgarian Bank (UBB) is one of the largest commercial banks in the country. Through the merger of 22 state-owned commercial banks throughout Bulgaria, this is the first and largest banking consolidation project in Bulgaria. This bank's low fees and simple account opening process make it very appealing to customers. Their website (English) outlines all account opening requirements. See their branches and ATM locations in Plovdiv here.


    This fintech company licensed by the Bulgarian National Bank is very similar to other well-known non-bank alternatives such as Revolut, Monzo, Monese, N26, etc. A number of financial products and services are offered by the company including accepting and processing payments, issuing and personalizing debit, credit and prepaid cards, electronic money accounts, payment solutions, and ATM services. Simply download the app, verify your identity, and order a free card. Besides getting your own Bulgarian IBAN number, you will get virtual cards for secure online payments. 

    Bulgarian banks are known to charge for everything - even for withdrawing money from other banks' ATMs. If that bothers you, iCard can be a solution for you since almost every service they offer is free of charge. Using this card for everyday purchases will help you save money in the long run. Visit their website for more information.

    You now have all the information you need to open a Bulgarian bank account once you move to Plovdiv. We hope you found this article useful. Feel free to comment below if you have any question or need more clarification. We will respond as soon as possible. 

    We do not receive payment from any of these companies. Our links are not affiliate links, and we have no business relationship with them. This article is only intended to serve as a guide for expats in Plovdiv who wish to open a Bulgarian bank account.


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