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The 50 Most Frequently Used Bulgarian Phrases on a Daily Basis

The English proficiency of Plovdiv's people is quite high, but there will be some areas or places where you will definitely need to speak Bulgarian at some level to break the ice once you move to Plovdiv. There is no harm in learning the language of the country in which you live or are visiting, even if everyone in your network speaks English. 

Learning a new language is easier once you start living in this country than before moving there. Finding the most useful stuff at the start is the best way to learn it quicker. Examples include the alphabet, most used words, numbers, days, greetings, short questions and most used phrases. 

We have collected the most commonly used phrases in this article that you will hear or need to use on a daily basis once you move to Plovdiv. As they are not in any particular order, we recommend reading them once quickly then deciding which ones you would prefer to learn, so you can learn them according to your needs. (The first word is in English, the second word is in Bulgarian, and the last word is how you pronounce it)

Hi - Здрасти - zdrasti

Hello - Здравейте - zdraveyte

Welcome! (to greet someone) - Добре дошла - Dobrye doshla

Good morning - Добро утро - dobro utro

Good afternoon - Добър ден - dobar den

Good evening - Добър вечер - dobar vecher

Good night - Лека нощ - leka nosht

Bye - Чао - chao

Goodbye - Довиждане - dovizhdane

Have a nice day! - Приятен ден! - Priyaten den!

See you tomorrow! - До утре! - Do utre!

Happy birthday! - Честит рожден ден! - Chyestit rozdyen dyen!

Congratulations! - Поздравления! - Pozdravlyeniya!

Enjoy ( for food) - Добър апетит! - Dobŭr apetit!

Bless you (for sneezing) - Наздраве! - Nazdravye!

How are you? - Как си? - kak si 

What`s up? - Какво става? - kakvo stava

What's new? - Какво ново? - Kakvo novo?

I`m very well, thank you - Много добре, благодаря - mnogo dobre, blagodarya

What`s your name? - Как се казвате? - kak se kazvate

My name is … - Казвам се ... - kazvam se

Nice to meet you - Приятно ми е да се запознаем - priyatno mi e da se zapoznaem

Come in! (or: enter!) - Влез! - Vlyez!

How much does it cost? - Колко струва това? - kolko struva tova

Can I pay with my card? – Мога ли да платя с кредитна карта? - moga li da platya s karta

Thank you - Благодаря - blagodarya

You're welcome! - (for "thank you") - За нищо! - Za nishto!

Where are you from? - От къде си? - Ot kŭde si?

I'm from... - аз съм от - az sŭm ot

Where do you live? - Къде живееш? - Kŭde zhiveesh? 

What do you do for a living? - Какво работиш? - Kakvo rabotish?

Do you speak English? - Говориш ли английски? - Govorish li angliĭski?

Just a little - Само малко - Samo malko

How old are you? - На колко години сте? - Na kolko godini ste?

Excuse me! (before asking someone) - Извинетe - izvinete

Come with me - Ела с мен - Ela s men

Are you okay? - Добре ли се? - Dobrye li se?

Calm down! - Успокой се! - Uspokoĭ se!

I don't like it - Не ми харесва - Ne mi kharesva

This is too expensive - Това е много скъпо - Tova e mnogo skŭpo

Give me this! - Дай ми това! - Day mi tova!

Take this! (when giving something) - Вземи това! - Vzyemi tova!

No problem! - Няма проблеми - Nyama problyemi

What is this? - Какво е това? - Kakvo ye tova?

Don't worry! - Не се безпокой! - Ne se bezpokoĭ

Are you sure? - Сигуре ли си? - Sigure li si?

I'm not interested! - Не ме интересува! - Ne me interesuva!

Really? - Наистина? - Naistina?

Hurry up! - Побързай! - Pobŭrzaĭ!

It's urgent! - Спешно е! - Speshno e!

That's all for now. Keep that in mind; you will eventually be able to speak Bulgarian at least in basic needs if you master only two of them per day. Make sure to review the most common Bulgarian words as well to level up your game even further. Our series on learning Bulgarian will continue.


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