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Top 5 Spots to Watch Sunset in Plovdiv

One of the most enjoyable and free activities you can do in Plovdiv is to watch the sunset. A city built on seven hills and having an open-fronted horizon allows you to enjoy the view. There are a number of places where you can capture the city during the golden hour in a panoramic view. These locations are the top five spots in Plovdiv where you can watch the sunset with your loved ones. We promise, it will be worth every effort you put into climbing up or traveling to those locations.

Nebet Tepe

The Nebet Tepe is a beautiful hill above the Old Town of Plovdiv. An advantage of this place is that there is much more to it than just offering a view during golden hour. As you walk up to the top, you pass through beautiful and colorful old town houses. So we suggest you start your journey up there slightly earlier. It's a great way to get lost in the history and you'll see many coffee shops, restaurants, and museums on the way up. Furthermore, the world-famous Roman theatre is on your way up there too! 

A major advantage of this place is its central location in the city. Moreover, you will find a lot of interesting spots to take photos for your social media accounts and memories. Upon reaching the top of the hill, you'll discover Roman ruins everywhere you look. 

Nebet Tepe offers a stunning panoramic view under the orange sunlight. Here you can sit on the large rocks and look at the city from a different perspective. It is for this reason that this place gets crowded just before sunset. Most of the best pictures of this city that you have seen on the internet have been taken here. If you have some equipment, we would highly recommend taking a timelapse video here.

Youth Hill

Youth Hill is located in the west end of the city and has the most natural and wild presence out of all the other locations. There is much more to this place than just observing sunsets from the top of the city's highest hill. First of all, it has a beautiful park that is perfect for a picnic at the bottom. It is also home to the famous children's railway, which has been operating since the communist era.

The only downside to Youthill is that you cannot buy food or drink there. It is best to purchase your supplies from the Kaufland and Lidl supermarkets nearby before you start climbing. With so many paths to choose from, Youthill is also fantastic for hiking as well. This place is filled with trees and wild plants of all kinds. Upon reaching the top, you can see the other hills of Plovdiv. You can view the entire city from its summit since this is the only hill with a complete 360-degree panorama. In addition to benches, there are natural rocks to sit on on Youth Hill.  Once the dark sets, you will walk down between fairy lights which shines warm white colour. 

Bunardjik Hill

From most parts of Plovdiv City, you can see this hill. Thanks to the massive Alyosha monument built on top of it. Bunardjik Hill is a great place for hiking, exploring Roman aquadecks, and enjoying the beautiful park at the bottom. From the top, you can see the Rodophi Mountains as well. There are many different ways to climb Bunardjik Hill. If you are more adventurous, you can choose its wild paths or simply walk up its flat pavement. It features a massive Soviet sculpture (Alyosha) at the top where you can sit down and enjoy the city view throughout the day. As the sun sets, some parts of the hill don't have the proper view of sun, because a long trees block it, but the golden color that covers the city is worth seeing at this precious time. This is also one of the most photographed spots in Plovdiv. Although it isn't directly in the city center, you can walk there within fifteen minutes easliy.

Danov Hill

In the heart of the city, Danow Hill is another great place to watch the sunset. It's just ten minutes walk up from the main pedestrian road of Plovdiv. A lot of benches and massive natural rocks let you position yourself on the best spot just before the sun sets. The famous Clock Tower of Plovdiv is also here. This place allows you to take great photos from different angles. In this spot, you can take the best shots of the city as you overlook Youth Hill and Bunardjik Hill. It's close to the city center, so you can grab food or drinks on your way up here. You can also picnic here in the summer. Danov Hill has two different routes to climb up and down. It is the easiest to climb hill in Plovdiv due to its location. Our recommendation is that if you are in Plovdiv for only a short period of time, you should visit this hill at least once during golden hour.

Rowing Canal / Regatta Venue

It is the only place on our list that is not a hill, located at the west of the city and offers a spectacular view when the sun sets. Thanks to its wide open front line looking to the west and having a great lake reflecting the golden sunlights. A beautiful pedestrian bridge spans the lake in the middle of the canal, which offers a great view and photography experience. You can admire the sun set from any of the benches that surround the lake. Aside from its sun set time, Rowing Canal has many other features that make it a great place to go much earlier. It is surrounded by a nice park that you can walk parallel to Maritza River, restaurants, cafes that offer nice food and drinks as well as kids' playgrounds. It is one of the best spots to photograph, chill, cycle, or just walk around golden hours in Plovdiv.

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