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About Us: Who We Are? What We Do? What We Aim?

We are a very small group of expats who relocated to this most underrated cute city in Europe from London some time ago.

PLOVDIV GAZETTE came to life after noticing the lack of English sources to assist and guide the expat community in Plovdiv. It's obvious there are plenty of websites and blogs out there, but we discovered they are only targeting tourists and are filled with salesy articles, recommendations, and not very honest reviews to gain quick profits from visitors. 

Although we found very cool websites that made foreigners' lives much easier in Plovdiv, we faced a language barrier since these sites are all written in Bulgarian. As a result of this investigation, we gathered around our round table and threw out ideas for solving this issue. 

During our conversation, we asked each other what we wish to know before we came here that would make it easier for us to settle down? Due to lack of information, what challenges and difficulties have we encountered as expats since we moved? What information will we be needing constantly while here? Following a long night filled with coffee and pages of notes, we came up with the idea that we could create our own English-language guide and information source to serve the expat community in Plovdiv! 

Now forward to today, we are constantly working to create quality content based on the questions we wrote down that night of over-caffeinated brainstorming session. 

Moreover, Plovdiv Gazette's mission is to publish regularly relevant content on:

  • Your stories, 
  • National News that are important to expats, 
  • Life hacks, 
  • International events in Plovdiv, 
  • Laws and regulations in place,
  • Hidden places, 
  • Recommendations, 
  • Tips & tricks,
  • Honest reviews of things and places in Plovdiv, 
  • Job opportunities for expats in Plovdiv 
  • And many more topics.

We hope you find some value in the articles we publish that will improve your life a little in Plovdiv. We appreciate your visit to our website.

We hope you have an amazing time in Plovdiv!