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Cycling in Plovdiv: One of The Best Ways to Explore The City

Cycling in Plovdiv is very pleasant experience to explore the city freely. Because Plovdiv City has a great cycling road network that covers the entire city in and out. This is one of the first things you will notice when you visit or move here. Good news is the bike paths in Plovdiv won't stay the same in the future since they continue to expand. 
A total of 80 km of bike roads exist in Plovdiv today, and they are constantly being extended. 

It is easy, fun, and relatively safe to ride a bike in Plovdiv because of the great infrastructure for cycling paths. All bike paths are well marked and located off roads. All sightseeing activities can be experienced by bike in Plovdiv. The cycling network in Plovdiv is organized around all the local landmarks. You can easily use your bicycle to visit the most famous sites, parks, shops, and other districts in Plovdiv without getting involved in traffic.

Plovdiv is not particularly big and that makes it easier to ride a bike to work. This would enable you to stay healthy and help improve the air quality in the city. You will get a better understanding of it when you see the city's peak hour traffic, since it may get crazy in the mornings and evenings. By bike, you may arrive at work faster than you would by car or bus.

For people looking to do a quick grocery shop in Plovdiv, cycling would be a convenient option. Outside all of the major supermarkets, there are places to lock your bicycle while doing your shopping. This would allow you to avoid parking fees and save you a good deal of time, since shopping mall and supermarket parking lots tend to be crowded most of the time. 

When you cycle for leisure or sport, you aren't limited to biking in the city center or between the cars. The city of Plovdiv has plenty of green spaces for cycling with plenty of oxygen. The Youth Hill Park, Rowing Canal, and the Loven Park next to it, as well as Lauta Park in the Trakiya area are few great places to ride bicycles and high levels of oxygen are an added bonus. 

If you do not yet own a bike but plan to get one, we recommend that you visit Dechatlon Plovdiv. There you can find a variety of bikes and accessories like helmets, lights, lockers, and pomps. The staff speaks good English and they are very friendly to their customers. Another place you should check out is Bike Centre. They also offer very high-end bikes if that is what you prefer as well as excellent customer service before and after the purchase. 

This article was not sponsored by or related to those companies. 

Here are a few things to keep in mind while cycling in Plovdiv:

  • You should ride on the right side of the cycle path, as indicated on the road
  • Most cycle paths are on the pavement and shared with pedestrians. Be wise and ring your bell from a safe distance to let them know you're coming if they block your way
  • When crossing a street at a zebra cross, don't ride your bike. Instead, dismount and push your bike.
  • Invest in a lock, helmet, lights, and bell. 
  • Google Maps does not provide directions for bikes in Plovdiv
  • Do not listen to music while cycling in the city with headphones

Greetings and thanks for reading. We hope you enjoy cycling in Plovdiv as much as we do.

Ride safely!

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