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Discover Youth Hill: One Of The Best Spots in Plovdiv

The Youth Hill is one of the best hidden gems of Plovdiv to visit for many reasons. It is one of the seven hills of Plovdiv that everyone knows about, but not many visit due to lack of advertising. Plovdiv's Youth hill is ideal for hiking, off-road biking, hill running, bird watching, and observing the panoramic view of the city. There is much more to this hill than just being a rock hill. 

The city of Plovdiv is built on 7 hills, as you may have heard. With 307 metres above sea level, Youth Hill is the tallest among them all. It was declared a protected area because of its endemic plants and preserved natural environment. It's home to numerous animal species, including squirrels, jays, and hares. It's located on the western side of the city and is easily accessible by foot or bicycle from the city center. During the summer months, youth hill is very popular with the locals who live nearby. The locals visit the park to walk, ride bikes, exercise, view the panoramic view of Plovdiv, and more. Here is everything you need to know about Youth Hill and what you can do there from bottom to top.

It's a great parkour for walking and jogging

The trail of Youth Hill begins with a great park at its base, which has a great area for running and walking. It's mainly flat and large enough to last you for an hour or two. When you need a rest, there are benches all over the place. In order to intensify your activity, you can even head towards the top for hill running. The road towards the top is made of concrete cubes pavement, with a total length of 2 km and an elevation gain of 110 m. You will also be amazed by its natural beauty, complete with old trees and lush greenery. The air in this area is very clean, so your lungs will appreciate it, too.

It's perfect for off-road biking

In any season, you will see many people from all ages riding mountain bikes to enjoy off-road parkour at Youth Hill. It's a challenging parkour for cycling towards the top, and it requires a lot of strength, but coming back down is a satisfying adrenaline rush resulting from your increased speed. If you will be participating in this type of activity, make sure you have your helmet and protective clothing. 

It's a multi-track hiking area

Throughout the day, youth hill draws a large number of hikers of all ages. Getting to the top with its zigzag concrete cubes pavement isn't the only option. There are a number of wild paths to explore. You will find a variety of wild paths and old stairways while you're hiking up as well as on your way back. There are numerous options with regards to verticality and the surface of the path, such as grass, soil, and rock. If you choose wild paths for hiking there will be a wide variety of plants, trees, flowers, and animals to see along the way.

Plovdiv's Youth Hill has one of the best panoramic views of the city

This is one of the primary reasons people come here. Plovdiv's highest hill offers an amazing view of the city from the top. On a clear day, the mountains and sunflower fields beyond the city borders can be seen. It's really worth seeing Plovdiv at sunset from the Youth hill if you want to feed your soul or your instagram account with the photos you may take. Plovdiv's other hills and landmarks are visible from there. There are benches at the top so you can enjoy the view with your friends or by yourself. You don't have to be concerned if it gets dark when you return. The main zigzag terrain is fully covered with lamp posts that are lit up all night long to lead you down.

It has a fantastic natural environment and plenty of oxygen

Youth Hill is a government-protected wild park. There is a reason for this. There are many diverse tree species, plants and small wild animals within its borders. You can see trees that are over 100 years old, wild berries, fruit trees, and edible mushrooms during their season. Local old people often go up there to pick fruits and other edible plants like herbs and come back with a full basket or bag of goodies. The Youth hill provides incredible clean air, and elderly locals link it to their longevity. 

The bottom of Youth Hill has a large picnic and festival area

If you are not courageous enough to climb the hill, you can still enjoy a variety of activities at Youth Hill Park at the bottom of the hill. You can picnic between the woods or on a large grassy area of the park. This place also hosts festivals, concerts and kids' fairs. You will also find a cafe and a restaurant in the Youth hill park with indoor and outdoor seating. Moreover, for the youngsters, there is a Children Railway that operates since the communist era, taking the children around Youth Hill on its 4-wagon train. 

The name Youth hill derives from the fact that youth workers paved the road up the hill during the communist era (1944-1989). Youth Hill is also known by different names. Dzhendem Tepe (Hell Hill), Chigdem Tepe (Hill of Crocuses), Djinn Tepe (Hill of Bad Spirits) and Hill of the Dryad Nymphs are some of the other names for the hill. 

It is not possible to describe the Youth Hill in writing. Nevertheless, if you find yourself in Plovdiv for some time, make sure you visit this hidden gem since you can only appreciate it if you experience it yourself. We promise it will be worth every minute you spend there. 

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