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Plovdiv Hills: Discover Danov Hill in The Heart of the City

A visit to Plovdiv would not be complete without exploring Danov Hill (or Sahat Tepe). Due to its location, it's extremely convenient to visit, being almost in the center of the city. It stands 211 metres tall and has multiple entrances and cute paths between beautiful old trees for easy access to the top. There are several reasons why you shouldn't miss visiting Danov Hill while visiting Plovdiv:

  • It is the closest hill to the city center
  • A nice park is located at its top.
  • The panoramic view is breathtaking.
  • It has an historical clock tower on top.
  • Its natural environment is gorgeous.

Plovdiv is home to some beautiful hills that every visitor should see. However, if you're only here for a short time, that may not be possible. This is where Danov hill comes in handy. Being accessible from various entrances, it is located literally in the center of the city. A trip to the top only takes 15 minutes, and the trip down is a little quicker. If you're walking around the city, you can decide to take a quick trip up to the top and then come back pretty quickly between your commitments. 

Danov Hill has what you need if you enjoy spending time in the great outdoors. There is a little park on top with numerous benches where you can gather with your friends or family and have some quality time. During summer months, you can relax on the huge rock blocks and soak up the sun. A vast majority of the benches are situated along the edge of the hill which faces the city and beyond.

In spite of Danov Hill not being the tallest hill in Plovdiv, its 211 metres height provides a stunning panorama of the city. Those who enjoy photography can see the city from 360 degrees and take amazing photos. The viewpoint from Danov Hill is one of the best for seeing famous Youth Hill and the Alyosha Monument. In addition, Danow Hill offers views of Plovdiv Old Town, the Antique Theatre, Taksim Tepe, and the Rodopi Mountains. 

Danov Hill is also known as Sahat Tepe. It actually means Clock Hill in Turkish. As Plovdiv was once a part of the Ottoman Empire, many places have Turkish names like this one. There is a cute old clock tower on top of it that you can take pictures of, read about its history, and hear the bells since it is fully functional. Sahat Tepe gets its name from this clock tower. It's a beautiful historic piece.

Plovdiv is known for its beautiful nature, which is evident in all of the hills. The Danov Hill has a good amount of green areas, massive natural rock blocks, and amazing old trees and plants all around. The park has many trees to shade you from the heat, grasses to lie on, and flowers to smell on your way up. While it is located in the center of the city, it provides sufficient oxygen for all of its visitors. 

Lastly, here are some images of Danov Hill which might convince you to go up there when you're in Plovdiv. Thanks for reading and have fun up there!

Paths leading to the top of Danov Hill

Clock Tower on top of The Danov Hill that built in 16th century

Brief History of Clock Tower on Danov Hill


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