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Explore The World Famous Rowing Base in Plovdiv: Regatta Venue


Plovdiv Regatta Venue (or Rowing Base) is a sports complex built in 1988 in the west part (Smirnesky) of the city for international watersport competitions. This canal is 2.3km long and surrounded by bicycle and running paths, benches to sit on, cafes, restaurants, and a lovely green space (Loven Park) with many different kinds of trees. 

Since Bulgarian athletes generally take their sporting activities very seriously, this venue is used for training most of the time. This rowing canal is the biggest in the country and in the Balkans. Therefore, it is a very popular and important venue for those kinds of watersports competitions on an international scale.

Plovdiv Regatta Venue hosted the following significant events:

Despite being an important venue for international athletes, residents and tourists receive most of the benefits the site has to offer. Becasue the lake is so much more than a mere artificial lake for watersports. The area is surrounded by the beautiful Loven Park which has beautiful trees and flowers in every colour. 

The venue is perfect for those who enjoy biking on a flat, comfortable surface. There are clearly marked bike paths to separate runners, walkers, and cyclists. Furthermore, you can measure how much you ride since there are indicators every 100 meters around the lake. Once you have completed a full tour around it, a 5 Km bike ride is achieved. When cycling at a moderate speed, a full bicycle tour of the lake takes about 15 minutes. 

This is also a great place if you are a runner or just enjoy walking. Particularly during the summer seasons, it is always filled with locals of all ages exercising, running, cycling or just relaxing on the benches by the water that are situated almost every 20 metres. During the night, the lake is fully lit up, and watching the moon and stars reflected in it is a truly surreal experience. As the venue is guarded 24 hours a day by security officers, even late at night it is a safe place to hang out. 

Having a major sports venue has other benefits. Tennis courts, swimming pools, and artificial grass football fields surround the venue. They are often owned by small sports clubs, but many of them are open to the public and you can participate in your favorite activities for a small fee. 

Last but not least, there are cafes on both sides of the lake that serve a variety of beverages and food. Other conveniences include hot dogs, pop corn, and snack stands. There are some restaurants hidden among the trees without lake views, but they are worth trying because the bulgarian food is simply amazing. 

The venue provides free access to ice cold fresh water during your activities

As most people focus on the city's historical landmarks when they visit Plovdiv for a short time, they often overlook this place. Expats who stay in Plovdiv for a long time often discover this hidden gem very late. The Regatta Venue should be on your list if you are planning a trip to Plovdiv. You won't regret it. Its energy and natural beauty will lift you up in no time. 

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